How We Help

Our seamlessly integrated solution analyzes 100% of your calls using our proprietary speech & voice analytics platform. Your internal processes & goals with the power of industry specific C.I and cutting edge A.I. is our recipe for your success.

Business Goals

Whether you're looking to increase conversion, improve NPS or just simply create call efficiency, we are your all in on solution.

Industry Fluid

Every industry from collections, insurance, sales through banking has its own nuances, language, normalcy and we cover them all.

Easy Integreation

Our dedication to optimizing the call center management experience solves it from every angle from simplest to complex.

Product Features

When combined our products can provide a comprehensive solution for a call center of any size, but can be purchased a la carte so you get exactly what you need.

Speech Analytics

Best in class accuracy with full call transcriptions, get the whole story in one go.

PCI Redaction

Our system automatically detects and removes sensitive customer information from both the transcription AND the raw audio file.

Detailed Dashboards

Easy to consume data with actionable analytics right at your fingertips on our reports and dashboards.

Two-way API

With our API you can pass data back to your CRM or reporting databases with ease.


Fully customizable system alerts delivered via email and SMS.

Management Journal

Allows for supervisors, managers, directors to document and collaborate on agent touch points and performance.

Truly Unlimited

Unlimited call recording capture and storage and fully customizable call scoring rubrics with in-audit call transcriptions and key word search capabilities


Fully customizable AI/CI powered models providing descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics.

Why Contact Cubed?

Our industry leading voice and speech analytics not only convert 100% of your calls to text, we take your data much further. Our custom models help you measure and manage customer experience, agent effectiveness, call flow, root cause for call, and marketing quality across every interaction.

Our proprietary interaction analytic models optimize any call center by combining the power of both speech & voice analytics with decades of call center management experience. This foundation is built around industry specific and call type best practices. We then tailor the models to your unique processes and business objectives.

Find out why it works today.
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Meet the Team

We're born out of start-ups and forged in the crucible of problem solving. We've built and managed, consulted or turned around hundreds of call center operations in our combined 100+ years.

Brian Hummer
Partner & Co-Founder
Brock Thompson
Partner & Co-Founder
Jason Pasciak
Partner & Co-Founder
Gary Cowgill


You've gotten this far, I bet by now you have some questions. Check out the frequently asked questions below.

Are there minimum usage requirements?
No minimum usage requirements, our integration strategy allows us to serve all call center types. We have a solution to fit everything from small to enterprise call center operations.
I have an older telephony system, can you integrate?
Yes we can help! We are built to support all telephony setups, from cloud to on-premise and antiquated to state of the art, we have a solution for you.
What if I have no in-house tech to do a setup?
We handle everything for you with no additional set up costs. Our easy to integration deployment process results in a fast, simple, and painless experience so you can spend your time improving your business results.
I've had a bad experience in the past, how are you better?
While the other companies only offer word or phrase spotting, we provide you with full call transcriptions with actionable data insights. All of our insights focus on the content of your calls.

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